Grace, Eight Months

Every month just gets better. This weekend we are going to be in St. Louis getting family pictures taken. 

We celebrated the fourth of July by going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to take a dip in the pool. Gracie was undecided. Didn’t love it. didn’t hate it. Since she didn’t end up screaming I count it as a win.


Gracie is really more of a read by the pool type of girl…


This month we have seen a huge improvement in her mobility. She is getting an army crawl of sorts perfected. So far it involves putting her arms out in front of her and then dragging the rest of her body behind and repeating that until she gets to her destination.


We introduced Gracie to the big girl car seat. We shall see how she does.


It sure looks comfy to me. So much cushion.


Our garden has really taken off. This zucchini seemingly appeared overnight. It seemed fitting to compare their sizes since they are both growing so quickly.


We have been to St. Louis to see Uncle Jmo and Aunt Catherine last weekend and I am in love with this chair of theirs. Gracie was obviously in love with it too. Gracie had her top left tooth come in on July 11th but still doesn’t have the other one. She seems to have been working on it last weekend given her fever and snotty nose, but there is still no tooth to show. 
Gracie has the sun in her eyes every morning when I take her to daycare. We got her some new sunglasses that wrap around her head. Well, as you can see she was not  fan. Speaking of daycare, we have switched and so far, we are so much happier. I no longer am constantly thinking of quitting my job.

This girl just gets sweeter every month. I love her so much I think my heart may burst. Happy eight months, sweet girl.



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