Grace, Five Months

IMG_3600Grace’s fifth month started out with lots of excitement…at four months and one day old, her first tooth popped through. A couple days later her second tooth popped up just to the right of her first one, on the bottom. That same afternoon Gracie and I went to see Seth at the business expo and she kept making the funniest faces, mostly fish lips, over and over again. Of course, that was a once time special and the fish lips have not been seen since.


Near the beginning of the month we reintroduced the swaddle at home. She was consistently swaddled at daycare but got to be free at home. Well, after hearing how awesome she was sleeping we decided to go for it at home too and our good little sleeper became an even better sleeper. Until she got a massive snotty nose, that is. Ever since then she wakes really early in the morning and can’t get back to sleep without her pacifier.


Grace has really started to take an interest in her toys this month. Of course, they all go into her mouth, but she can grab them and get them there. She also likes to roll onto her side a lot while she is playing. Gracie can keep herself entertained for quite awhile when she is able to hang on to her toys.


I feel like this month had so many amazing firsts. We went on our first stroller ride since mother nature finally decided it was spring. This means we are also spending much more time enjoying the porch swing and just the outdoors in general. Gracie continues to not be a fan of the sun in her eyes and doesn’t really enjoy the wind either.


Gracie celebrated her first Easter and it was the first holiday that Mama really enjoyed. With Thanksgiving and Christmas she was still so tiny that we were in survival mode and I couldn’t even think about things like cute outfits to wear. She slept extra good on Easter, not waking until nearly 7:30 and taking long, full naps. I think Easter will always be extra special to me now, because it was Easter weekend last year that we found out we were pregnant.


Gracie continues to grow and amaze me with how incredible she is. Just when I think my heart is going to burst because I love her so much she does something impossibly cute/sweet/funny and I want to cry I am so happy.



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