Grace, Four Months

This month has been difficult for mama. Between going back to work and Gracie having her first cold/ear infection, I think it goes without saying there’s been some working mom guilt.

My first week back I went into work just for the morning. I truly struggled with that decision because it meant picking up G in the middle of a nap and then trying to get her to go back to sleep once we got home. Well, Gracie didn’t miss a beat and slept like a champ. Being away from mama must have been exhausting. Her second full week of daycare was when she was exposed to the bug. She seemed fine for a week and then she hit the wall. Fortunately, she wasn’t too cranky and just wanted to be asleep all the time.

At her four month appointment she was 15 pounds (I think being sick slowed her weight gain down) and was 26.5 inches long. She is in the 62nd percentile for weight and once again is in the 99th percentile for length.

Gracie laughed for the first time on the day we found out she had her ear infection, so if that doesn’t prove that laughter is the best medicine, I’m not sure anything can. Gracie loves having her face tickled and that is a frequent cause of laughter. Sometimes though, I will leave her laying on the floor for a moment while I elk out of the room and when I come back, I hear her giggling to herself.

Gracie is ‘talking’ more and more and likes to tell stories. I frequently pick her up from daycare and the sitter tells me that Gracie has been telling stories all day. Our sitter also tells me that Grace is a very easy going baby, which makes her  joy to watch. She also sleeps like a champ, thanks to being swaddled again. Hearing this makes working much easier.

Grace, your dada and I love you more everyday. After you go to sleep at night we keep looking at your face on the monitor and telling each other how much we love you and how lucky we are to have you. You make our lives richer and fuller.



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