Grace, Two Months


Grace’s second month got off to a rough start, thanks in part to the holidays and then my brother getting married. All of that excitement takes its toll on a little baby. considering it all she took it like a champ though. She didn’t hit her breaking point during the wedding weekend until it was time to go home. Poor girl was so over stimulated she couldn’t sleep, not even in the car. Immediately following all of that activity Gracie hit her 6 week growth spurt when she was exactly 6 weeks old. I didn’t even realize she was having her growth spurt until I looked back at the app I use to track how much she eats and realized she had 10 more ounces to eat that day than she normally does. Both Seth and I commented the next morning that when we had swaddled her the night before, the swaddler seemed much smaller (or she seemed much bigger…).


Month number two also brought a much needed change in the sleep department. Gracie slept six and a half hours on January 7. It was a welcome change but I didn’t let myself get too excited since I’ve heard these things can be 2 steps forward and one step back. However, the next night she did 8 hours and she just kept stretching it out from there. We also started putting her on her tummy to sleep. I know, I know. Back is best. We think rest is best though and she certainly gets more (and better) sleep when she is on her stomach. Added bonus: she has excellent head control and a nicely shaped noggin.


Once she started doing such long stretches we decided it was time to move bedtime up from 10pm to 7 pm. After this the 10pm feed became a ‘dream feed’ and it gradually got moved up to around 9pm. Then one night she just slept all night and didn’t wake up for the dream feed. The next night though she did wake and that pattern has continued. Although this week she has gone 4 nights in a row without waking to eat so maybe the dream feed is officially a thing of the past. I have to say I love feeding her at night because she is so warm, sleepy and snuggle-y. Added bonus: when I lay her down to sleep she doesn’t fuss. It is like she wants to be in her crib. Bliss, I tell you.


Gracie is becoming more social as well. She had her first play date with her friend Willa. They are going to be on the synchronized swim team in the 2028 olympics. She is also making more noise and is so, so close to smiling on command. Gracie loves to be with her daddy and is so content to just sit on his lap and hang out with him and watch football. She does not like bath time. I repeat, she hates bath time. Gracie has developed a very cute habit of placing her hand on mine while I am feeding her and then when she is done eating she will contentedly fold her hands on her chest.


Seth and I left Gracie and went out by ourselves for the first time on New Year’s Eve. We went to the Illinois/Indiana basketball game and it did not disappoint. (Go Illini!) I did however have a lot of mixed emotions about being away from my baby.


Gracie was blissfully unaware of snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, or whatever you would like to call the monstrosity that befell us in early January. Mama and Gracie stayed home all week and didn’t go out at all. Mama even cancelled in 6 week postpartum appointment just to avoid going out, it was so cold.



I can’t believe how much I love this little girl and I am looking forward to all that month number 3 will bring!



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