Grace’s Birth Story, Part 2

The morning of my due date I woke up about 6 am to what I was sure were contractions. They felt like cramps in the very bottom of my belly. I tried to go back to sleep and sort of succeeded. Around 8 am I decided to start timing my contractions and they were about 7 minutes apart. Around 9:30 am I texted Dana to let her know that I was having contractions. I decided I should probably get up and shower since I wasn’t sure when I would have the chance to do so again. And, let’s be honest, I wanted to look good while I was in labor. Ha!

After I showered I noticed that my contractions were spacing out. I was also hungry so I had Seth cut up the pineapple that Dana had instructed him to buy the night before. (Pineapple is supposed to be a labor inducing food…) After literally eating almost a whole pineapple I decided that I should finish getting ready for the day and take my weekly belly photo. I was trying to think of anything that would be stressing me since I knew that stress could kill labor. Since it was already past noon I was expecting people to start texting me since I hadn’t posted my weekly picture to Facebook and since we had skipped church that morning as well. I had already received a text from my boss which stated “today is your due date. how is it going?” Once I got my picture posted I started to feel a bit better. I posted it with the caption, “I’m still pregnant!” and ironically many people commented with suggestions of things to do while I waited for labor to begin.

Seth and I spent much of the afternoon on the couch watching football and I dutifully sipped on my red raspberry tea.  I continued to stay in contact with Dana to let her know what my contractions were doing. Around 3:30pm we decided that I was nearing active labor and agreed that she should head over to our house. Around that time Seth left to go to the grocery store to jump a friend’s car who had died. I remember that I was still watching the football game on tv. While I was in labor was probably the only time I ever truly watched a football game because I needed something else to focus on besides my contractions.

Dana arrived around 4:30pm and we worked on some pressure points to help encourage labor. She encouraged me to eat again if I was able and I decided that I would like to have macaroni and cheese. Seth made me some and I ate nearly the whole box. I remember being very annoyed that Seth had liberally peppered my mac n cheese and was ruining the pure taste of Kraft that I was craving. Labor was still going slow (or so it seemed) and in the back of my mind I thought that it was just going to taper off and I would end up going to work the next day. I tried some other labor inducing techniques to see if they would help and they seemed to. Dana left around 10pm to tie up some loose ends.

At this point I told Seth that he needed to start timing my contractions because knowing how much space was in between them was producing A LOT of anxiety for me. (Seth later told me that they got so close together he almost called Dana to tell her to hurry back.) Dana returned around 11 pm and we all decided to get some rest and the three of us spread out on our sectional sofa. At some point Seth went upstairs to sleep and I was thankful to have more room to stretch out. Around 3 am my centurions really started to pick up in frequency and intensity. Around 3:30 am I had two particularly long and strong contractions…

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