Grace’s Birth Story, Part 1

My 39 week appointment was on 11/22/13, just two days before my due date of 11/24/13.  It was a friday afternoon and Seth went with me to my appointment so we could indulge in some Chick-Fil-A afterwards. As soon as we arrived at the doctor’s office I was informed by the receptionist that my doctor had just left for a delivery but was planning on returning to the office. She informed me that if I wanted I could reschedule my appointment. I, of course, said no and that we would wait. Inside I was dying to know if I had progressed and if my baby was any closer to making her debut. After an hour of waiting they asked me if I would like to see a nurse practitioner, as it did not appear my doctor would be making it back to the office before 5 pm. I said that was fine and soon after was seen by the NP. Much to my discouragement she informed me that I was dilated between 1-2cm and 60% effaced. Since my last appointment I had not effaced anymore and had (maybe) dilated from 1 cm. However, she said that she wanted me to be seen tuesday or wednesday the following week and then stated that she doubted that I would make it to my appointment because she thought I would have the baby by then. She advised lots of walking.

Seth and I went to Chick-Fil-A for supper and I swear the cashier was looking *right* at my baby bump when she asked me if I wanted to upsize my meal. (For the record, that is the only time I have ever been asked at CFA if I want to upsize my meal.) We enjoyed our supper and then went to the mall to walk around per the NP’s instructions.  While we moseyed around the mall I texted my doula, Dana, to let her know how the appointment was and she offered to come over and do some massage and talk about other ways to get labor started.

We drove home and Dana arrived about 8:30pm. She set me up with some red raspberry leaf tea and also did some massage so that we could get comfortable with each other before labor. I started drinking that tea like it was my job and by saturday morning I was starting to pass my mucous plug (sorry, but I have no filter since giving birth!). I of course, texted Dana to let her know this and she asked me to keep her posted and offered to come over that night if I would like. She said that she wanted to do some pressure points and see if we could really get labor started now. I continued to chug on my tea all day long. I also downloaded a contraction timer app for my phone…just in case.

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