Baby Girl Has a Place to Lay Her Head



I’ve been sporadically looking on craigslist for a crib. To be honest, I had given up hope and was planning on just getting an IKEA crib. Tonight, in a spirit of boredom I got on craigslist only to see the furniture set pictured above was for sale. It was the item that had most recently been listed. Now, I’ve seen some decent stuff before and I’ve thought about contacting the lister, but nothing has ever made me pull the trigger. This set though, I actually showed to Seth and asked what he thought about trying to check it out. He gave me the green light so I texted the lister to see if it was still available. After a little bit of back and forth we set a time to go to their house and check out the furniture a couple hours later. Thanks to modern technology, I knew that they had an iPhone, which to me was a good sign. When they sent me their address then I was feeling really good because it appeared to be in a very nice subdivision.

Once we arrived at their house, there were a ton of people outside, and they were all super friendly! The furniture was sitting in the garage and it looked even better in person. I inspected the crib for bite marks (none!) and sat in the glider (comfy but supportive!). We were sold. Within seconds we had everything loaded into the Jeep. One of the guys there asked me if I was just always of craigslist looking for stuff and I admitted nope, this was completely coincidental that I had been on there so soon after they listed. So, for $300 we got everything above and it is all in excellent condition. Now I can stop freak out mode about where the baby will sleep. Just kidding, we already had someone give us a pack n play, so worst case scenario she would have had to sleep in it.

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