Pregnancy Confession #2

Yesterday, I went to Lowe’s after work to pick up paint for the nursery. Since it was a friday afternoon the paint counter was a wee bit busy. The longer I stood there, the more light-headed I began to feel. I decided if I could just crouch down on the floor that would make me feel better, so I did. Ah, I could feel air moving. I started digging around my purse for a ponytail holder. If I could just get my hair off my neck maybe I could get cooled down. No dice. Well, I was feeling better so I stood back up. Oh. My. Word. I felt every blood cell in my body rush to (away from?) my head. I was going to pass out. Great. I can’t handle a simple trip to Lowe’s by myself. I had to sit on the floor NOW.

Even sitting on the floor I still felt like I was going to pass out any second. Of course it was now my turn to get my paint mixed. Of course. Well, I guess I can try to stand up and tell him what I want. Nope, I can’t. I tell him that I need to sit down now. As any guy would do when a pregnant lady looks like she is going to pass out, he offers to do anything he can to make me feel better. I tell him I’ll just lay down and maybe some water would help. I try to explain that it’s really not a big deal and I’ll be ok in a couple minutes. He runs off to find me some water. He returns with the water and the store manager. The store manger is extremely kind and offers to call someone (911 probably, to get this liability out of his store?). I also assure him that I’ll be ok, I’m just having a weird pregnancy moment. I drink that bottle of water so fast. Ah, finally starting to feel better. After a few minutes I’m able to sit up again.  The store manager returns. I give him the thumbs up and tell him I am feeling better. A few moments later I feel like I can venture to stand up.

All of that for paint for the nursery. Next time I need paint I will be taking Seth with me. I clearly can’t handle the hardware store alone.


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