Pregnancy Confession #1

I don’t mind being woken up at 5 am so much anymore. Sure, I could use the sleep but instead I get to feel baby kicks. All of those baby kicks make it awfully difficult to get up and going in the morning because I know as soon as I start getting ready for the day baby girl will calm down for the day.


23 Weeks



Baby girl’s kicks keep getting stronger and stronger. ┬áProbably because of all the children who have attempted to hit my stomach…what the heck?! I had one little girl tell me she was going to hit me and if it hurt it would mean I was having a boy. I almost threatened to hit her… My mama bear instincts have already kicked in though, and I have blocked all attempts. I have noticed one perk of pregnancy with my job is that certain clients with very obnoxious pets now put the pets away so they aren’t bothering me/trying to jump on me. It’s the little things that count.

We Bought A House

IMG_0180This is our lovely little home. We closed on it the same day we saw our baby for the first time. April 16, 2013 was a big day for us to say the least. What is not so lovely are the paint colors the former owners chose. Bright orange, anyone? Buying a house has been keeping us busy for sure and I’m excited to be able to document all of the fabulous changes we are making as we go.

21 Weeks


Here we are at 21 weeks and, we have a change of scenery. We are currently in Pittsburgh for the Mets game while on our way to NYC. Also, this past wednesday we found out that come November there will be a pink explosion in November!