19 Weeks


Last week in the teens. Bring on the 20s! I have also decided that I have officially been feeling movement since 2 weeks ago when I suspected I was. It’s so exciting to feel the baby move!


18 Weeks



It turns out wearing black was not the best choice for today’s picture. Ah well, let’s blame it on prego brain.

Blog Fodder

I still have hope that maybe eventually I can get this blogging thing down and blog more than once every 2 months. We’ve been in our new (to us) house for just over two months and I am hoping that actually having blog fodder besides my job will help out with more frequent posts. And I finally have a computer that has a battery life again, so I don’t have to stay chained to an outlet. Hello, blogging from bed.

Speaking of work and blog fodder, I have been on call this week. Most of the time when I am on call the phone barely rings. Apparently my luck is running out. On tuesday I was at the hospital for almost 3 hours with a psychiatrically challenged child. Last night I got a call that was SO not an emergency. This lady didn’t fill out her daycare paperwork and get it turned in on time and was desperately begging me to have her case manager call her. Sorry, but we aren’t miracle workers and we don’t have a time machine. If you didn’t turn the paperwork in on time, it’s not my problem and I can’t help you.

15 Weeks


This past friday I finally let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, to all of my coworkers. Finally, no more trying to hide the belly, because it wasn’t really working anyway ;) Not a moment too soon either, because the bump has certainly popped out this week.