A Fall Brain Dump

There are so many things going on in my brain right now, but not a one of them is substantial enough for its own post.

1. I closed my first case last week. This was obviously a joyous occasion, but it doesn’t really equate to less work. By the time cases get to a point we are recommending they close I probably spend 1-2 hours each month, depending on the number of kiddos involved. Despite the fact that my workload isn’t really decreasing any, I was ecstaticĀ that the case closed. I did a lot of work up to that point to keep the kids stable in their home. Not to mention, the report I wrote that convinced even the toughest critics that this father can adequately parent. Yes, I am pretty proud of myself, but even more I am proud of this family and the strength and perseverance they showed me.

2. I downloaded iOS 6 and I’ve noticed it really drains my battery. I am hoping since I turned off location services my battery life will improve. Or it could be that there is almost always an app update loading. Either way, not cool. #firstworldproblems

3. I’ve worked more overtime in the last two weeks than I ever have. If I worked in any other industry I would be making mad money, but instead I am a social worker and I get paid in hugs. My job is great in that I can usually flex my hours and just come in late if I know I will be working late. Unfortunately I have had so much going on I can’t “just come in later” because I would probably have a panic attack just thinking about the work I should be doing. So instead I continue to go in at 9 (or earlier) and work until 6 (or later). One day this week I worked 12 hours. Not cool. I still came in at 9 the next day.

4. Every time I try to type “worked,” I end up typing “worker.” I use the word “worker” about a gagillion times per case note.

5. The weather transition to fall was NOT a transition. It’s like I woke up this week and BAM! It’s fall! What the heck? I am enjoying the cooler temperatures and enjoying getting to wear sweaters and jackets. It’s like I have a new wardrobe again. Also, I enjoy giving the air conditioner a break.

6. I worked from Starbucks on wednesday and I felt like everyone in the place was judging me on my ancient Dell laptop. I really wanted to tell them “I have a macbook at home.” But I think if I had been there with my 4 year old macbook, they would have been judging me anyway. A 4 yr old laptop is ancient no matter what brand. At least with my mac I would have felt more hip and trendy. Ha!



I have determined that children are excellent blogging fodder. See below please :)


Two year old boy, playing near the fridge: “Mom! Mom! Mom! It’s trying to get me!”

Mom: “What is?”

Child: “The ‘fridgerator!”


Two boys, age four, playing together. They have a disagreement. One says to the other, “don’t be a wet noodle!”


I just love my kiddos. The funny things they say and the hugs they give make the long days and late nights worth it.

Bachelorette-ing It

On Friday night during football, basketball and baseball season I am a bachelorette. Seth is out broadcasting games and I am left to my own devices. Friday nights remind me I am not as introverted as I once was. The former, extremely introverted, me would have looked forward to these nights with glee. Don’t get me wrong, I still look forward to the me time, but about 30 minutes in I am missing Seth and want some us time. Two years into this marriage thing and this is just one of the changes that has happened. I am now recharged by spending time with someone else than by spending time alone. Bizarre.

I can’t decide if I like this or not. Old me was proud that I could be alone and not lonely. Current me is proud that I have the ability to change.