I Don’t Want To Forget

Just little snippets of work that I don’t want to forget. 


In September I was in an accident with two young clients in the car with me. (No, they didn’t cause the accident…). My pretty, little, red, two door car was totaled. Just a few days later I had one of those clients with me and was taking her home in my rental car. The rental was a black VW Jetta. This little girl walked outside, saw the rental and exclaimed “your car got fixed!”


One of the kids on my case load has a Filipino foster caregiver. The foster caregiver taught the three year old child a derogatory Filipino word, which the child then repeated to a DCFS investigator.


The other day I got called to testify at court. And then the state’s attorney decided he didn’t need me to testify after all.


Last summer, shortly after I had started my internship, I was supervising a visit at the park. The only available restrooms were across a busy street at a gas station. With about 5 minutes left in the visit, I heard one of the kids, age three, say he had to use the bathroom. The mom told him he could wait, and I let it go. Right before I started loading the kids into my car, the same kid yells out “I have to poop! I am not kidding!”

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