Keeping Work Out of the Weekend


Ah, Thursday night, you are my friend. Once you arrive I know that the weekend is right around the corner. In my short career as a social worker I have found weekends are not as enjoyable when you emotionally (or literally) bring your work home with you.

This week in particular has been particularly stressful. Every night I lay awake in bed and think about all the things I need to do the next day. Since I don’t sleep well, I get up late, go to work late, get more behind and feel guilty for how behind I am. It’s a vicious cycle.

However, in my short tenure I have found a way to keep work at bay on the weekends. First off, I never ever bring my laptop home with me. Ever. Second, I rarely schedule any appointments on Friday. If I do, they are in the morning or it is with my “easy” clients. There are some clients I only see on Friday because I know when I get home I will probably want need a drink or two. I generally use Fridays to catch up on getting my notes in and that helps clear my mind before I check out for the weekend. Another thing I do is I try not to schedule anything too early on Monday mornings. I just need some time to get settled back into the work week and having a relaxed Monday morning helps that happen. Sometimes things are so crazy I could have a whole Monday free and it wouldn’t matter though.

I don’t know if this system will always work and maybe I’ll end up tweaking it down the line. Maybe one of these days I’ll figure out a system to debrief my mind everyday and not just Friday. But for now, I am very happen that the weekend stays the weekend.


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