The Best of Intentions


I’ve had the best of intentions to get up and blog in the mornings. But then I open up Google Reader and get lost in the world of all the blogs I follow. Or, I start typing up a bunch of my case notes, and even though that’s a totally different type of writing, I just get tired of writing and end up laying on the couch, instead of sitting at the island, which is much more conducive to writing a post.

This morning, though, I am making a change. Instead of lazily laying on the couch surfing the internets for an hour, I went for a run that was shorter than I care to admit, took a shower and sat down to write this post. Well, let’s be honest: I did open up Google Reader which reminded me I have been a bit neglectful of my own blog.

Last Thursday I had every intention of writing up a post about my first impressions of jury duty. Alas, that post is still floating around in my brain. [Spoiler alert: I was selected to be on the jury and get to go back later this week and part of next to serve. Yippee!] I have also had every intention of taking some pictures of the new digs, but we’re coming up on the one month mark and I’ve got nothing.

This is me promising to my invisible (and probably nonexistent) readership that I am going to be a better blogger. I am going to document my life more regularly and more consistently.


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