Out of My Element

One of the kids on my caseload has some serious medical issues. As his caseworker I do absolutely everything I can to advocate not only for him, but his foster parents, to receive absolutely every service they need. In the last week it has become clear that he needs a feeding tube so I have been working to set up home nursing services.

In the process of making this referral for services it has been very clear to me that I am in a very foreign world to me. I really have no idea what information is relevant and irrelevant. I don’t even know how to ask for the service I actually am requesting. The chief nurse isn’t helping my plight and has been rather snippy with me.

This is just me getting on my soapbox and reminding people to be kind to those around you, especially when you work in a field that requires great expertise and is like a foreign language to most of the population. Just because you know a great deal about a subject does not give you the right to be snippy and condescending.


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