One Month in the Trenches

I almost made it a whole month without writing, you’d think I just started my job or something. On Friday February 24th I found I out I passed my exams and was officially licensed. The worker who had been carrying my cases promptly dumped all of her appointments on me even though I had no access to our online database and therefore no way to enter my notes for all of these appointments.

The very next day I got the flu, and bad. I didn’t go to work on Monday and probably shouldn’t have gone Tuesday but I had in-homes that had to be done before February was over. I dragged my sick butt to work and drove my sick self to Peoria that afternoon. And thus began the 12 hour days and late nights.

The good news is I survived my first month and this past week was downright boring. I saw all of my people, I talked to all my service providers and I entered all of my notes. And that was on Monday. This isn’t to say I’m the best worker ever or anything, just that the first month was much different than I thought it would be.