Just One Social Worker’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

Please be with all the kiddos everywhere, protect them from harm. Give them strength and encouragement and please, please let them know just how important they are–to You and to those around them. For those who have been separated from their parents please give them an extra measure of resilience and really, really great foster parents.

Give the foster parents strength and energy (lots of it) and patience (lots of that too). Instill in them daily a great sense of purpose and fulfillment. I pray they often get to see just how vital and important they are in a kid’s life. While I’m here, would you please give us some more homes–and not just any home–homes that are filled with love and foster parents who truly have the child’s best interest at heart.

Comfort the parents who have had children taken from their care. Give them strength to also consider their child’s best interest. Some need an extra measure of encouragement, as they are working diligently to have their children returned to their care. Some need an extra measure of “swift kick to the behind.” I’ll trust You to know the difference between these and to assign accordingly.

Lastly, but certainly not least, protect the social workers. Help us to protect our hearts and our passions and to know when enough is enough. Sometimes we may need You to protect us from our clients and sometimes we need our clients to be protected from us. Let us not become hardened in our work and help us to always look for the best in everyone. Give us the strength we need for difficult conversations, that we would be full of grace at all times.



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