Spinning My Wheels

I am now in my third week on the job, which is just crazy. I can’t believe I’ve already put in two whole weeks. That’s probably because I’ve been doing exactly what I did as an intern. And I’m really getting tired of it. I should probably enjoy the fact that I am getting paid to do just what I did as an intern, but I find it really frustrating. I am frustrated by the fact that I have a masters degree and haven’t had the chance to use it. I feel like I am losing intelligence, so to speak. I’m just ready to get through “training” and start my job. My for real job.

I’ve realized that one of the things I think I will like most about my job is the ability to set my own schedule. I can split my days between being in the field and doing paperwork. There are some days I just don’t want to deal with people and it would be better for all involved if I didn’t have to. As my schedule currently is, I have to deal with kids for hours (and entertaining them in the car is a big chunk) and its starting to make me a cranky individual.

I’m sure that makes me sound like a terrible individual, but that’s the truth. Last night when I was taking a couple kiddos home I had a six year old telling me every turn to make to go to her house, even though I take her home every week. When I braked heavily because there was a herd of deer running in front of my car, she freaked out and told me it wasn’t time to turn yet. Having almost hit a deer while I had kids who aren’t mine in the car with me I was a little on edge. And then a six year old tells me I was in the wrong for braking? It kind of made me want to come unglued.

I’m also sure that everyone will say but didn’t you know you were going to spend all of your time with kids when you became a social worker? No, because in all truthfulness social workers don’t spend that much time with kids. We devote much of our time to the paperwork that is necessary for them to have permanency. Whether that be with their natural parents or adoptive parents. That is why I went into the field of social work.

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