The Inevitable

I think it just comes with the territory. Papers. Stacks and stacks of papers. Every new caseworker gets a stack up to their knees of papers that need to be sorted and filed. Just so they don’t start out feeling like they have a handle on anything. If that isn’t a good time, i don’t know what is.

I came in Monday thinking it would be a slow, boring day. That was my first mistake. I didn’t even get to start filing that ginormous stack of papers. I finally got around to that stack today. However nothing has yet to make it into an actual file. Oh joy.

Nevertheless I am enjoying myself and feel like I am getting a better handle on my job. I met some kiddos for the first time yesterday and they warmed up to me so quick and we had lots of fun playing games. I can’t wait to get those kids home. I’m struck by how much responsibility is placed on me and I’m honored to get to work with these kids.

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