Grace, Eight Months

Every month just gets better. This weekend we are going to be in St. Louis getting family pictures taken. 

We celebrated the fourth of July by going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to take a dip in the pool. Gracie was undecided. Didn’t love it. didn’t hate it. Since she didn’t end up screaming I count it as a win.


Gracie is really more of a read by the pool type of girl…


This month we have seen a huge improvement in her mobility. She is getting an army crawl of sorts perfected. So far it involves putting her arms out in front of her and then dragging the rest of her body behind and repeating that until she gets to her destination.


We introduced Gracie to the big girl car seat. We shall see how she does.


It sure looks comfy to me. So much cushion.


Our garden has really taken off. This zucchini seemingly appeared overnight. It seemed fitting to compare their sizes since they are both growing so quickly.


We have been to St. Louis to see Uncle Jmo and Aunt Catherine last weekend and I am in love with this chair of theirs. Gracie was obviously in love with it too. Gracie had her top left tooth come in on July 11th but still doesn’t have the other one. She seems to have been working on it last weekend given her fever and snotty nose, but there is still no tooth to show. 
Gracie has the sun in her eyes every morning when I take her to daycare. We got her some new sunglasses that wrap around her head. Well, as you can see she was not  fan. Speaking of daycare, we have switched and so far, we are so much happier. I no longer am constantly thinking of quitting my job.

This girl just gets sweeter every month. I love her so much I think my heart may burst. Happy eight months, sweet girl.


Grace, Seven Months


This was one of my favorite months. There, I’ve said it again.  We started out the month trying to have some family pictures taken, but as soon as we arrived at the park for our outdoor photo shoot there was a torrential downpour. So we went back to our good friends’ home, took a nap (G), ate lunch (mama and daddy), and made lemonade from lemons.



Gracie is so close to being able to sit up on her own. One of the benefits of our photos being postponed is that Gracie will definitely be able to sit on her own by that time. Gracie has been practicing sitting with the boppy pillow around her just in case she falls. The other morning she had slid down and her torso was propped up by the boppy. She was giving it all she had with her abs trying to sit back up. I didn’t think she would be able to do it, but she did. She sat back up!


Another exciting update this month was the addition of carpet to the living room and dining room. The installation was quite traumatic for Gracie, but we love the end result. We enjoy rolling around on the floor as much as possible ;)


There is no update to report on the daycare front, and since I want this to be positive that is all I am saying. I just keep hoping things will get better. (They can’t get much worse.) Gracie still seems to be working on getting her top teeth in, but as of now nonce have burst through. That poor baby is working hard for those teeth. They are no walk in the park like the bottom two were.


Grace, Six Months

IMG_3893I truly cannot believe Gracie is six months old already. Where has the time gone? This month has been extra exciting and I’m sure I will say (have said) it every month, but I just love each age more and more. I am enjoying seeing her little personality shine through and watching our alert baby become even more alert. When I am out with her people consistently comment on 1) her chin, 2) her eyes, and 3) how alert she is. At her six month well baby visit, she weighed 17 lbs 14 oz and was 27 inches long.


At the beginning of the month Gracie started with a new sitter. Since I want this to be a positive post, that is ll I’m going to say about that. I feel so fortunate for the two wonderful months of daycare that we did have and I know that Gracie would not be doing as well as she is without a nice, solid foundation to build on.


I could have sworn Gracie would have her top teeth by now, but they seem to be taking their sweet time. I can tell there are days when they are bugging her, but for at least the last week they seem to be giving her a break. I keep having dreams that she has like six teeth come in at once.


Gracie is really getting strong. She can consistently roll from her back to her tummy and enjoys practicing that skill while mama is trying to dress her. She is able to roll tummy to back but mostly does this when she is in her crib. The crib seems to be her choice place to work on these new skills. This past week she started raising herself into a crawling position. Just yesterday she actually did this during one of her wake times and I was able to catch it on video. Speaking of wake times, her wake time has increased significantly. She now is awake for anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours at a time. She takes two full naps and one ‘catnap’ each day. It is really crazy how quickly she has added to her wake time.


All month we have been working to wean Gracie from the paci and swaddle. I had hoped to do paci first, but the swaddle was ticking her off at night so it ended up going first. I was hopeful that her need to suck could be satisfied by her thumb but she hasn’t really figured that out, which is surprising given how interested she was in her thumb a few months ago. However, she is getting better and better at going to sleep without the paci and has gone the majority of the past week without it. I keep telling myself now that she is six months old we should get rid of all of them…but as it turns out I may have a slight addiction to the paci as well…

Grace, Five Months

IMG_3600Grace’s fifth month started out with lots of excitement…at four months and one day old, her first tooth popped through. A couple days later her second tooth popped up just to the right of her first one, on the bottom. That same afternoon Gracie and I went to see Seth at the business expo and she kept making the funniest faces, mostly fish lips, over and over again. Of course, that was a once time special and the fish lips have not been seen since.


Near the beginning of the month we reintroduced the swaddle at home. She was consistently swaddled at daycare but got to be free at home. Well, after hearing how awesome she was sleeping we decided to go for it at home too and our good little sleeper became an even better sleeper. Until she got a massive snotty nose, that is. Ever since then she wakes really early in the morning and can’t get back to sleep without her pacifier.


Grace has really started to take an interest in her toys this month. Of course, they all go into her mouth, but she can grab them and get them there. She also likes to roll onto her side a lot while she is playing. Gracie can keep herself entertained for quite awhile when she is able to hang on to her toys.


I feel like this month had so many amazing firsts. We went on our first stroller ride since mother nature finally decided it was spring. This means we are also spending much more time enjoying the porch swing and just the outdoors in general. Gracie continues to not be a fan of the sun in her eyes and doesn’t really enjoy the wind either.


Gracie celebrated her first Easter and it was the first holiday that Mama really enjoyed. With Thanksgiving and Christmas she was still so tiny that we were in survival mode and I couldn’t even think about things like cute outfits to wear. She slept extra good on Easter, not waking until nearly 7:30 and taking long, full naps. I think Easter will always be extra special to me now, because it was Easter weekend last year that we found out we were pregnant.


Gracie continues to grow and amaze me with how incredible she is. Just when I think my heart is going to burst because I love her so much she does something impossibly cute/sweet/funny and I want to cry I am so happy.


Grace, Four Months

This month has been difficult for mama. Between going back to work and Gracie having her first cold/ear infection, I think it goes without saying there’s been some working mom guilt.

My first week back I went into work just for the morning. I truly struggled with that decision because it meant picking up G in the middle of a nap and then trying to get her to go back to sleep once we got home. Well, Gracie didn’t miss a beat and slept like a champ. Being away from mama must have been exhausting. Her second full week of daycare was when she was exposed to the bug. She seemed fine for a week and then she hit the wall. Fortunately, she wasn’t too cranky and just wanted to be asleep all the time.

At her four month appointment she was 15 pounds (I think being sick slowed her weight gain down) and was 26.5 inches long. She is in the 62nd percentile for weight and once again is in the 99th percentile for length.

Gracie laughed for the first time on the day we found out she had her ear infection, so if that doesn’t prove that laughter is the best medicine, I’m not sure anything can. Gracie loves having her face tickled and that is a frequent cause of laughter. Sometimes though, I will leave her laying on the floor for a moment while I elk out of the room and when I come back, I hear her giggling to herself.

Gracie is ‘talking’ more and more and likes to tell stories. I frequently pick her up from daycare and the sitter tells me that Gracie has been telling stories all day. Our sitter also tells me that Grace is a very easy going baby, which makes her  joy to watch. She also sleeps like a champ, thanks to being swaddled again. Hearing this makes working much easier.

Grace, your dada and I love you more everyday. After you go to sleep at night we keep looking at your face on the monitor and telling each other how much we love you and how lucky we are to have you. You make our lives richer and fuller.